Items needed during outbreak of Coronavirus

Items needed during outbreak of Coronavirus

What items will you need during outbreak at home?

Coronavirus has outbreak worldwide, we are advised to stay at home. However, how can we spend our home while staying at home? Below we will discuss what we can do and what product do we need while doing these activities.

First, most of the people need to work from home due to the extreme epidemic. However, the setup of the home office may not be perfect as our physical office, such as the dual-monitor setting with a large screen. Then, what can we do to make ourselves work more efficiently and conveniently?

Gadgeticloud-lexuma-XScreen-Portable monitor-dual monitor setting

To restore the office setup at home, the first thing we need is a monitor which helps to make the dual-monitor setting. A wireless and portable monitor is the most suitable product for us, as it is simple to use and easy to control. Lexuma Portable Monitor 15.6" Touch 1920x1080 XScreen is a ideal choice for you, its setup is simple and easy, all you need is to connect your device with the XScreen using a universal HDMI or a Type-C cable, then you can enjoy a large screen with high quality display which help you to become more productive when you were work from home.

Lexuma-portable monitor-home office-wireless


Sometimes you may also want a tablet for assisting purpose, but found that it is difficult to type as the virtual keyboard is too small? Mokibo 2-in-1 Touchpad-embedded Wireless Keyboard is your lifesaver! It can simply connect to your tablet through bluetooth, this 2-in-1 touchpad keyboard also can write, draw and browse without the need to move your hands back and forth around the mouse and keyboard. Moreover, it can connect to three devices at the same time, so you can connect it to your computer and tablet, it enables you to control two devices simultaneously, which make the working process much more efficient.

Mokibo-wireless keyboard-touchpad-Lexuma


Second, gaming would be one of your activities while staying at home. When more time is spent on your game, you may find out much more gaming accessories are needed. Here are two most common gaming accessories that all of you may need. Let's see!

Lexuma-gamming-kinect adapter-xbox-PS4


Lexuma Kinect Adapter for XBOX ONE S, ONE X and WINDOW PC is suitable for the game addictor! I am not going to explain the reason you need a kinect adapter as I believe all the game addictor are familiar with it. The reason I recommend Lexuma Kinect Adapter is because it is easy to set up and it is compact and light. Most important, it is safe and quiet! It is equipped with a built-in smart chip for protection against overheating, over-current and over-voltage. 

Lexuma- Kinect Adapter- Gaming- PS4- Xbox

Lexuma Gamecube Controller Adapter for Wii U, Nintendo Switch and PC USB, it provides four gamecube controller ports, it can support up to eight players simultaneously! Most importantly, it is easy to use as NO LAG and NO DRIVER is needed.

Lexuma- Gamecube Adapter- PS4- Xbox-Nintendo



Third, Cleaning is a MUST in this extreme situation. Keeping our home in a virus-free environment is our daily mission, therefore an effective disinfectant is a necessity!


Lexuma- cleaning- sanitizing- sterilizing- Xgerm- Phone Sanitizer


IMC water catalyst continuous antibacterial liquid is an inorganic decomposition liquid which helps to build a long-lasting antibacterial environment. Protective films are established on the object which bacteria and viruses cannot grow on the surface of the object. IMC can attach in the fibre pores of the object securely and not easily be washed away. It is multi-functional and not harmful to our skin. You can spray it on different personal items and home environments after you sanitize them.

For sanitizing products, I am not going to introduce you to the alcoholic items. Multi-functional Phone UV Sanitizer- Lexuma XGerm Series are newly presented items which are suitable for smartphones and accessories. It provides thorough sterilization through UVC light, and it will not harm the material of the objects. Also, each model has its own differences which can best suit the needs of different customers.

Lexuma- XGerm- UV Sanitizer- Sterilizing- Sanitizing- Phone Soap-Phone Sanitizer

Hope this article can help all of you to get the items you needed during outbreak! Take good care of your health and try to have fun while staying at home!

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