Product Warranty Terms and Conditions

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We always work hard to solve any problem you might have with one of our products. We offer a limited 6 months carry-in warranty  (applicable products listed under Terms and Conditions) at GadgetiCloud whose invoice has a order number mentioned as that is used to claim warranty with us.

Warranty does not apply to the misuse by not following the instructions properly, any accidental, misuse or intentional damages causing malfunction, unauthorized repairing or modification done to the product and improper voltage supply within the warranty period.   

The original serial number label affixed on the package and the original invoice must be presented at the time you require warranty service; Otherwise, such warranty could be voided.


Warranty Repair Service Terms and Conditions

  1. If you have any problems about the product you have received, please contact us ( first and wait for our reply. We will help you to troubleshoot the problem first. All the returned products which is not confirmed by us will not be accepted. 
  2. GadgetiCloud provides carry-in limited warranty for 6 months (applicable products listed in Terms and Conditions). Customers need to bring their products to our repair services center for maintenance.
  3. If the products need to be repaired, customers need to contact us ( first for appointment and bring the products to our services center during our office hour. 
  4. If customers want to send the product for repair via courier/mail, please note that all the shipping costs to the repair center / return from the repair center are the customers' responsibility. The repair center will not accept the parcel if the shipment fee is paid by the recipient.
  5. For international order, you may send the product for repair via courier/mail. All the shipping costs to the repair center / return from the repair center are the customers' responsibility. The repair center will not accept the parcel if the shipment fee is paid by the recipient.
  6. If there are any damages cause by shipping, or the condition of the product is not the same as mentioned, GadgetiCloud will not responsible for the repair. 
  7. When the maintenance of the product is finished, customers will be notified through the contact information provided by the them. GadgetiCloud is not responsible for any delay caused by the customer's failure to contact. Please make sure you have provided the accurate contact information. 
  8. Please collect the product within 60 days after being notified. Otherwise, GadgetiCloud will not be responsible for any damage or loss of the product. GadgetiCloud has the rights to handle the product without further notification.
  9. Please take good care of the repair invoice of the product, and you need to take the products with the invoice. Our company will not be responsible for the fraudulent collection by others.
  10. The repair center bares no responsibilities to guarantee the product to be compatible with the future versions of software or hardware or products.
  11. If the product cannot be repaired under the conditions of no stock, off production or any other reasons, GadgetiCloud may not able to provide the repair services of that product. We may replace the product with other equivalent model.


GadgetiCloud reserves the rights to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice. 

In case of any dispute, GadgetiCloud reserves the rights for any final decision.


This warranty shall not apply and the repair charges shall be separately quoted by GadgetiCloud in the event of:

(a) any willful modification, alteration or repair in any way made to any part of the product by any persons other than GadgetiCloud;

(b) any damage caused by misuse, misapplication of electricity, malicious acts, negligence, inflow of any liquid or dirt, accident, natural calamities, or physical force;

(c) dissatisfaction on the product other than its quality, e.g. product color, outlook, shape;

(d) any damages caused by normal deterioration;

(e) any accessories including the charging adapter, cables, stylus pen, screen protector, etc.;

(f) any cables included in the package

(g) free gifts


All changed parts are non-returnable.

If you have any questions, please contact us (

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