Lexuma XStrip - 4-Gang / 6-Gang Surge Protected Power Strip with USB

Safety, is the Cornerstone of Confidence.

XStrip Surge Protected Power Strip can safeguard you and your beloved family.


Power Strip may be one of the most essential electrical accessories in our daily life. There’re numerous choices for different country standard out there. Still, picking the most suitable one can be a tricky task. Let’s back to the roots: What does a good power strip look like? The one with the most number of sockets or the one with longest cables?

Today we’re going to introduce you a powerful power strip, Lexuma XStrip, which may refine your understanding of power strips!

A power strip with good design is more than providing multiple sockets and switches.

Let's explore the special features of Lexuma XStrip!


At the back of the XStrip, there are seven different labels. As many of you may already know, XStrip is safety guaranteed through strict product safety and quality requirements with certificates of RoHs, CE, FCC and Intertek. We want you to know that in order to cut cost, there are some other power strips outside take little trouble about safety certification. Manufacturers of these power strips may break the law and most importantly, may increase the risk of any home accident.


That’s why Lexuma cares about safety certification and, of course, your safety as we believe user safety is the prerequisite of a good product.

Let's unbox the XStrip!


Look at these practical USB charging ports! You can now leave empty sockets for charging other electric appliances at the same time with these four USB ports.


Have you been curious about the labels of “Surge Protected” and “Smart Load Detection” printed under the ports?

Some of you may already heard about the term “Surge Protected”. However, do you know how it works?

When we talk about “Surge Protected”, we’re talking about over-current protection. It simply means a surge protected product can absorb extra energy and protect your electrical devices from voltage spikes, for example, lightning strike. It’s one of the key features of Lexuma XStrip.

Another key feature of XStrip is called “Smart Load Detection”. XStrip can automatically detect current and voltage requirement of different electronic devices and then optimize the charging process. Not only this unique design can protect your devices from overcurrent and overload, but also make your charging experience more efficient.


It’s time to introduce a feature people care the most when picking power strips. Each sockets of Lexuma XStrip (including the USB ports) has a independent switch with blue LED light. You'll get notice when the sockets is ON or the USB ports is connected.


These days, electronic devices have become a vital part in our daily routines. It’s essential to protect your electronic devices and keep it durable. A good power strip can offer you a reliable and efficient charging experience, and even become a good helper in daily life.


That’s it for today’s product tour. And if you think the 4-Gang Power Strip is not enough, feel free to check out the another 6-Gang Version of XStrip.


Thank you for reading this article.


Lexuma XStrip are now available online


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