FAQ - XScreen Air Portable Monitor with Wireless Connection

 Does it support touch screen function?

No. If you want touch screen function, please refer to other model of XScreen series.

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► Can I use Samsung Dex on this model?

Yes, but only Samsung Note 20 and Samsung Note 20 Ultra are supported under XScreen Wireless model. For other Samsung phone models, you still need a Type-C cable for launching the Dex mode.


 Can I connect Bluetooth earphones at the same time?

No, because the wireless model of XScreen is connected by Bluetooth, it is unable to connect Bluetooth earphones at the same time.


 Showing ‘No Signal’ on the screen.

Please follow the steps below for solving the problem:

For wireless connection:

1. Check the wireless dongle first. Blue light will be shown on the dongle when it is connected with XScreen Air. 

2. Press the '-' button for checking input setting. For wireless connection, you should choose the 'D3:CAST' mode. 

3. Please make sure no other data signal is connected with XScreen Air through wires. 

For wire connection:

1. Press the '-' button for checking input setting. You can choose Type-C or HDMI connection. If you are choosing the right connection mode, data signal should be detected. 

2. If you are using Type-C connection, make sure you are using the right Type-C connection port. There are two Type-C connection ports which carry different functions. The upper one is for data signal and the lower one is for power supply only.

*It is recommended to use the Type-C cable from the package for connection. If you want to use your own Type-C cable, make sure the cable can support data signal transfer.


 My iPhone cannot search the wireless data signal of XScreen Air.

Make sure XScreen Air has already connected with the same WiFi signal as your iPhone. You cannot search XScreen through Airplay or Screen Mirroring if your iPhone is using mobile data or not the same WiFi signal.


I can’t connect my Switch with XScreen Air through Type-C.

XScreen Air cannot support Type-C connection with Switch. You can only use HDMI for Switch connection.


► After I plug in a HDMI cable, no response is showing on the screen. 

Press '-' to switch the input setting to ‘D1:HDMI’. Then, you will see your computer desktop on XScreen. 

If you want to use wires for connection, it is recommend to plug in all the required wires before you turn on XScreen


 Will XScreen Air turn off automatically when there is no signal is detected?

Under wireless connection, XScreen Air will not turn off automatically. You need to long press the 'M' button to turn it off. 

Under wired connection, if there is no signal is detected, XScreen Air will turn off automatically.

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