FAQ - X2O Waterproof Spray


► Where is X2O waterproof spray made?

  • X2O water repellent spray is produced in The Netherlands, Europe.


► What does X2O water repellent spray contain?

  • X2O water resistant coating spray contains various compounds also used in food related industries.


►What sizes do the canisters come in?

  • For X2O waterproof coating spray, we have a basic consumer 10ml can and a 100ml can size. 10ml is enough for about 3 smartphones and 100ml is enough for about 30 smartphones.


► Why X2O water repellent spray is so expensive? I can buy a waterproof smartphone instead.

  • Waterproof smartphones are still new in the market, account for only ¼ of the whole smartphone market. Only iPhone7 or above and Galaxy 7 or above are waterproof smartphones. Most water resistant smartphones use polymer/rubber rings as an attempt to protect the device from water damage. However, these rings have reduced elasticity after a short while, or when a phone is opened or the charger port is constantly used, which all mean that smartphones are likely to be water damaged. With a spray like X2O waterproof spray, it is easier to maintain water resistance as opposed to replacing polymer/rubber rings.

  • Also, X2O water repellent spray can be applied to most of the electronic devices: cameras, drones, chargers, power strips, earphones, computers, keyboards, phones and ipads etc. It can be widely used, not only limited to smartphones. Not many electronic products are designed to be waterproofed, but X2O waterproof spray can make them waterproofed with IPX4 and IPX7 water protection level. It also protects the device from corrosion and improves its life in humid environments.

  • For more information, please visit X2O Product Page.


► How long can the waterproof coating last? Can I spray two layers to make it more waterproofed?

  • One time of spray can last for at least 6 months.

  • We recommend once every 6 months with maintenance spraying on the ports with wear and tear (e.g. microphone and charger port). Applying two layers DOES NOT make it more waterproofed.

  • The spray provides IPX4 and IPX7 water protection and you can apply IPX7 extensive protecting to your device.

  • Feel free to visit X2O Product Page for more information.


► What is the difference between IPX4 (Splash of water) and IPX7 (Dip into water)?

  • IPX4 waterproof protection means the electronic device can stand splash of water, for example sudden splash of coffee, dropped into water sink or puddles of water. In rainy days you can use your cameras or drones to take photos and videos.

  • IPX7 waterproof protection means the electronic device can be dipped into 1 meter deep water for around 1 to 2 minutes. For example, if your phone is dropped into a shower tub, you can pick it up unharmed. If you dropped your smartphone into the swimming pool, you have 2 minutes to get it back before it is totally damaged.

  • For different situations, you can visit X2O Product Page.


► What if i scratch off some of the waterproof coating when I am using my device?

  • The waterproofing coating has self-recovery function. Even if you scratch off some of it, the spray liquid will recover it and make it fully waterproof again. If the waterproof coating is too largely damaged, we advise you re-apply the spray after 6 months to get the best protection.


► X2O waterproof spray can be applied to all electronic parts? It is liquid, will I get electric shock?

  • Although X2O waterproof spray is liquid, it is designed to solve short-circuiting problem. After waiting for 15 minutes, you can use dry towel to clean the oil liquid. There will not be liquid remaining on the device anymore since only nano layer is left to protect the device. Also, it can be applied to high voltage systems and parts, like motors, cables and electric saws. Of course you need to turn off the electricity before applying the spray. Then wait 15 minutes and clean the excess spray liquid. Reassemble the machine and turn on the power again. There will not be electric shocks or damage of engines.


► What if I sprayed it, but my device is still not waterproofed well?

  • If it does get damp, unplug any cables and do not attempt to charge it or plug anything into the connector for at least five hours, nor do try to switch it on. You want the smartphone to be completely dry before introducing electricity. Refrain from opening the SIM tray as well, since that can give water a way into the inner workings. To dry the device, wipe off the outside with a soft cloth. Stand it up and gently tap it on your hand to shake out any water that's pooled inside. Do not try and dry the port by probing it with a wadded up bit of paper or a cotton bud. That's a bad idea. Next, leave it out someplace with good airflow. Don't try and speed up the process with a hair dryer. Placing it in rice won't make the process go faster, and the grain can actually damage the port. A cool fan pointed at the port is fine, but beyond that it's just a matter of patience.

  • Actually, if you followed the instructions in the user manual, or read our unboxing post HERE, your device should be properly waterproofed after spraying X2O water repellent spray. But if you still have some problems on the application methods, you can email us at info@gadgeticloud.com and our support team will try to help you.

  • A little reminder: the warranty condition is not applied to X2O waterproof spray. If your device is damaged, we advise you find professionals to fix the issue.


► Can I use X2O waterproof spray in really hot or cold environments? Except water, what if it's hot coffee pouring at my device?

  • X2O waterproof coating spray is perfectly functional from -50°C to 140°C. Therefore, no matter the liquid is cold or hot, your device will always be protected.


► For IPX7 water protection, do I need to spray every part including the flashing light, lens and screen?

  • No, you should not spray on the flashing light, lens and screen.
    For IPX7 waterproof protection, you just need to make sure that you open the case, spray on the battery, PCB board, all electronic parts and openings. Just like the picture below. After spraying and waiting for 15 minutes, you can clean the excess spray liquid, reassemble your device and it is ready for use.

IPX7 waterproof protection with Lexuma X2O water resistant spray


What does terms of service say about X2O?

  • X2O waterproof spray has been tested to IPX4 and IPX7, which means your smartphone is covered for splash resistance and submersion of water (accidental cases).

  • Unfortunately, because of the many unintended usages and variable applications of X2O water repellent spray on smartphones, we cannot be held liable for any damage caused by water to smartphones. More details are covered in our terms of use and also on www.lexuma.com.


What we need to pay attention to when we buy water resistant smartphones?

  • Have a closer look at the warranty small print the next time you are considering purchasing an expensive smartphone, although it may advertise it is waterproof, if you do water damage it, almost all smartphones do not cover water damage under their 1 year hardware warranty. First, don't get your smartphone wet on purpose. Smartphone manufacturers’ warranty still doesn't cover water damage.


► If one waterproof spray can only use for one time, do I need to buy a few?

  • For 10ml version, one spray can be used for around 3 to 4 times, depends on the size of your device. We have a larger version 100ml X2O water repellent spray, it's enough for up to 30 times of spraying.


► How can I make my computer IPX7 protected? I don't know how to dismantle the computer.

  • IPX7 waterproof protection is mainly for mobile since mobile is relatively easy to be dismantled and reassembled. For computer, IPX4 is waterproof enough as it will not be damaged by splash or coffee or tea.

  • For IPX4 application method, you can visit X2O Product Page.

  • If you really want to dismantle the computer, you can visit computer stores and find professionals to help you with the spray.


In order to make my device waterproofed, how much liquid should I spray?

  • Since the waterproof spray is compressed gas liquid, it will form mini sprays and evenly spread on the device. You just need to evenly spray on the device for 1 second. There is not exact thickness for X2O waterproof coating spray to be effective. Once it is evenly sprayed, your device will be waterproofed.


► Should I spray it on my phone case or on my phone?

  • IPX4 water protection level, you need to take off your phone case and directly spray on the smartphone, including Sim card port, Sim card, earpiece, charging port, speaker area and any other openings. You can click HERE to watch the demonstration video.


► Will the spray liquid seep into my electronic device and affect its functions?

  • Actually, after you sprayed on the electronic device, the liquid will form a waterproofing coating made of nanometre. This layer prevents water from seeping inside your phone. It will seep into the openings and protects the phone, but will not affect its function. The spray contains white mineral oil, naphtha (petroleum), heavy alkylate and lemon oil. It is food grade coated oil based and non-harmful to devices and will not affect the electronic parts like water does.


► If my phone is iPhone, it is hard to open the device and spray on PCB board, what can I do?

  • If it is iPhone 7 or above, the phone is already waterproofed. For iPhone 6 or less modern models, you can carry out IPX4 general protection, which is quite waterproof enough for your phone.

  • For demonstration video, please visit X2O Product Page.


► Is it safe for children to use the sprayed device?

  • X2O water repellent spray is safe for both children and adults since it is non-toxic and food grade coated oil based. It is suitable for sensitive skin and once it is dried, the liquid will not stick to hands.


► After I sprayed my device, will it have a bad smell?

  • There will be some smell when spraying, but it’s perfectly normal. After waiting for 15 minutes with open air, you can clean the excess liquid and the smell will fade away.


► When I spray X2O waterproof spray, if some of the liquid are sprayed on my table, how can i remove it?

  • X2O waterproof coating spray is highly reversible which can be easily cleaned by household detergents. It will not damage the table or glasses. You just need to clean the excess liquid using household detergents.


► How can X2O water resistant spray protect my drone? Will the liquid melt under the sun?

  • X2O waterproof spray can be applied to your drone with IPX4 water protection. The liquid coating your drone acts like a water repellent layer and slips the water away. If the waterfall splashes some water on your drone, it won't be harmed. Also, it won’t be affected by the sun or cold weathers, since it is perfectly functional from -50°C to 140°C. You can fly your drone in rainy days and hot days.


►If the X2O water resistant spray has waterproof function, can I spray it on my clothes or my bag?

  • X2O water repellent spray is ONLY for electronic devices, cannot be used on clothes or bags. X2O waterproof spray is totally different from those waterproof sprays for clothes and shoes, it is of different technology. For fabrics and bags, there are other waterproof spray in the market and online stores. For electronic devices, X2O spray is perfectly functional. Feel free to visit X2O Product Page for more information.


► What if my child accidentally sprayed it on his face or eyes?

  • Although the spray does not contain any toxic chemicals, we strongly advise to clean it with a wet towel first and immediately visit the clinic or hospital for further cleaning.

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