FAQ - Scratch Maps


► What is scratch map?

Map shows locations and directions of a city, a country or the World. For scratch map, you can scratch off the golden layer on the map and reveal the hidden pictures. The scratch map package provides a free scratch pick and the scratch map itself is made with Easy Scratch Formula. You can easily scratch off the layer and mark down where you have been to and plan your next trip. 

At GadgetiCloud, we have World scratch map, Japan scratch map, Korea scratch map and Thailand scratch map. Feel free to check them out and start your journey right away.


► What is so special about scratch map?

Our scratch maps are very light and portable with Tube Package design. You can easily carry it in bags or backpacks and travel with scratch maps. They are designed with EASY scratch formula and provided with FREE scratch pick. No scratching marks will be left on the map and you can easily scratch off the golden layer.

GadgetiCloud scratch map can be perfectly fit in IKEA wall frames so that you can hang your maps on the wall and share travel memories with friends and family. With scratch map, your next journey will be so mysterious and colorful!


► How large is the scratch map?

For Japan, Korea and Thailand scratch map, the map size is 40 x 30cm.

For World scratch map, the map size is 70 x 50cm.


► Can I use a coin to scratch it?

It's better to scratch the layer with the Free scratch pick provided since no scratching mark will be seen. But if you use a coin, there may be some scratched mark on the map. Feel free to watch our scratching videos at scratch map unboxing.


► Why I need to buy a scratch map?

Scratch map lets you track your travel in style. If your are planning a new journey to countries like Japan, Korea, Thailand or the World, scratch map is your best travel partner. You will no longer forget where you've been to, simply check your scratch map to recall memories. You can also put it in a frame and hang it on the wall as decoration.


► I can't find the scratch pick in the package.

Every package is packed with the scratch map and a tailor-made scratch pick. The scratch pick is inside the plastic bag. Please be careful when taking out the map as the scratch pick may drop out.

Gadgeticloud scratch map scratch pick

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