FAQ - Magnetic Charging Cable


► Is the magnet strong enough to pull anything out from my phone?

No, it's not.


► Does this product come with both iOS and Android charger connection?

XMAG-MUC is for Android.

XMAG-LC is for iOS.


► How long is the cord?

The XMag is a little over 3 feet or 1 meter long.


► How much width does the cable need to connect?

The width of the charging tip is 9 mm or a little under 3/8". Therefore, your case should have an opening a little wider than the mentioned measurements.


► Can I use the adapter tip with waterproof phones in the water or does it need to be removed?

It is proof dust and water splashing, but it cannot be used in water.


► Is this compatible with iPhone 5S?



► Will this work with type C charging for zte zmax pro?

No, it won't work because it's a micro USB charger.


► When will longer cables be available?

We are currently working on longer cords but don't really have a release date.


► When will USB type C connector be available?

We are aware of the growing popularity of Type C connectors, and will consider this in 2019.


► Does it have fast charge?

In order to have fast charge, you need a fast charging adapter. Our XMag is compatible with fast charging adapters.


► Is it specifically compatible with the Samsung S7?

It fits any micro USB device.


► Does this charger fit the new Galaxy S8+?

No it does not, this cable comes with a micro USB and a Lightning plug, where as the S8 has a USB C port.


► Does it support Qualcomm quick charger 3 and data sync?

Yes, for XMAG-MUC micro USB cables.


► How can I get extra tips for this chord?

You can get them from our store.  Both Micro-USB and Lightning Tips are available.




► Does it allow quick charge 3.0?

QC3.0 is a charging protocol, it depends on the charging adapter, not the cable. The cable supports max 2.1A charging current and 12V charging voltage. In another words, the cable support QC3.0.


► Will this work with HTC 8?

Yes, it will.


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