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Wireless Charging Car Mount


► How to use this wireless charging car mount?

For detailed application and real life demonstration, please visit Product Page or Unboxing Tour.


► What is so special about this wireless charging car mount?

With high-tech features like Qi fast charge area, infrared sensor and strong phone holder, this automatic wireless charging car mount is the must-have gadget for your autos. You will be able to enjoy the most comfortable and convenient driving experience ever. What is worth noticing is that the folder can automatically sense the size of your phone and adjust the width. It firmly holds any phone size in the market.


► Why won't the folders move?

In order to activate the folders, infrared sensor and start charging, you need to plug in the given USB Type-C cable into the charging car mount. The USB charging port is at the bottom back of the car mount.


► Can I adjust the angle of the car mount?

You can rotate the 360° rotation nut behind the charging pad. It is free to rotate to horizontal screen or vertical screen.


► Why my smartphone is not charging with Qi fast charging?

In order to enjoy Qi fast charging, you need to make sure that your smartphone, charging cable, charging pad and the power source support fast charging. All these components are necessary. If succeed, you will see a fast charging notification on the mobile screen.


► Why it's hard to stabilize the car mount with the windshield holder?

First, please make sure that the surface is clean and flat before sticking on the windshield holder. Also, please remove the plastic sticker on the holder before using.


► How do I know whether the car mount is activated or not?

There are LED lights on the left and right sides of the car mount. When you connect it with any power source, RED lights will be on. The automatic folders and infrared sensor will be activated. When you put in your smartphone, BLUE lights will be on. It means your phone is now charging. The lights will be off when finished charging, for Android smartphones.

Automatic Infrared Sensor Qi Wireless Car Charger Mount - iMartCity wireless car charger mount smart sensor car wireless charger  Automatic Infrared Sensor Qi Wireless Car Charger Mount - GadgetiCloud smart sensor car wireless charger


Car Protective Films


► What are the types and sizes for these protective films?

The rainproof films come in two types: Rearview mirror protective film and Side window protective film for cars. For rearview mirror film, there are three sizes: 95 x 95mm, 135 x 95mm and 150 x 100mm. For side window mirror, there is only one size: 200 x 175mm.


► How to stick the protective films on car windows?

1. Clean the rearview mirror / side window.

2. Tear off the first protective membrane (Blue in color)

3. Spray water on the mirror / window after tearing off the first protective membrane.

4. Align and rainproof film with the mirror / window and paste it

5. If there are bubbles, scrape with a card.

6. Tear off the last membrane. Done!


► Will the protective film slide off in rainy days?

No, it will not. This rainproof film is designed especially for rearview mirror and side window. It firmly sticks on the surface and repels rain and liquid from mirrors and windows. It will not slide off in rainy days.


► Why the protective films are blue in color?

The blue layers are the protective membranes. You need to tear them off before sticking the rainproof film on car mirrors and side windows.


► Is this rainproof film made of plastic?

No. The rainproof films are made of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) and nano protective coating. They can protect your mirrors and side windows from scratches, dust and water. 

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